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84 Hours


  • Transfer in/out.
  • Complete Food (in the Alberge Chalalan).
  • Lake transport, Rurrenabaque - Chalalan.
  • Native Bilingual Guide DOES.
  • Madidi ticket entrance: 150 bs.
Not Included:
  • Airport boarding fees.
  • Personal expenses, extra meals not mentioned.
  • Snacks.
  • Water, soda, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Tips.
  • Tuition.
  • Flight ticket to Rurrenabaque


Rurrenabaque is a small city in northern Bolivia, located in the Department of Beni and the entrance to the fascinating world of the jungle. The city has a tropical climate, and is the starting point of several excursions that allow to know the flora and fauna of the area. The city has many hostels and travel agencies The main attractions are the jungle and walks through it. Tours to the jungle, can be on foot and by boat. These tours are for travelers interested in observing wildlife, including crocodiles, anacondas, pink dolphins, monkeys, giant anteaters, and many others. There are also many species of birds and butterflies. Eco-tourism in particular attracts lots of tourists.


Chalalan : Day 1

- Transfer to the chalalan office.

- Filling out forms for admission to Madidi Park.

- Rurrenabaque – Chalalán Ecolodge.

- Transfer to the Beni River where you will board the boat bound for Chalalán.

- Travel to the ChalalánEcologicalHostel, take 5 1/2 boat up the Beni and Tuíchi rivers.

- Box lunch.

- Arrival at the port of Chalalán. 25-minute walk to the Hostel. Accommodating in their respective cabin or room.

- Welcome lunch at the hostel.

- Rest or swimming time in the lake.

- Short walk along the Paraba trail until you reach the viewpoint, from where you can observe the beautiful landscape of the lagoon, mountains and the stunning rainforest of Madidi. Return by canoe through the rivers of the Chalalánlagoon, to observe birds a Theme: construction plants and wildlife observation.

- Dinner in the hostel's dining room.

- Night walk on one of the trails to observe spiders,, amphibians, mice, birds and night monkeys, if you prefer we offer you a night canoe ride to observe amphibians, nocturnal birds and alligators easily seen by the impressive brightness of your eyes..

Chalalan : Day 2

- Buffet breakfast.

- Guided walk of 3 to 4 hours along the Tapacaré or similar path, where the local guide will deepen the interpretation of the rainforest and the ecological processes. Return to the lodge.

- Lunch.

- In the afternoon, after a short break, you will take a walk to an elevated viewpoint from where you can see the Madidi National Mark and the extensive tropical rainforest and you can return by canoe to the Chalalan lagoon. The guide can explain about the history of the community, the Chalalan project and the creation of Madidi Park.

- Dinner.

- After dinner we will start a short walk to observe the nightlife, especially the variety of insects and amphibians.

Chalalan : Day 3

- Breakfast.

- After breakfast, we will start a hike to the Eslabón river, this time a long walk all day (6 h. Approx.), To enter the depths of the virgin forest and have the opportunity to observe animals such as: spider monkey, Tapir, deer, wild pigs and also learn more about the interpretation of the humid tropical forest and ecological processes. Snack on the Eslabón river.

- After a short rest and observation of landscapes, we will return to the Ecolodge along the same path. Arrival at Ecolodge, Arrival snack. After a break we can enjoy the lake taking a bath and swimming.

- Dinner.

- Canoe ride, special activity to observe the impressive brightness of the eyes of alligators and other animals.

- Traditional night (Quechua - Tacana) where our local guides will explain the customs, uses and rituals of the Uchupiamonas indigenous people, an activity in which you can also taste a traditional local drink, enjoy local music and dance with the people of our community San José de Uchupiamonas. (This activity must be requested in advance, there is no additional cost).

Chalalan : Day 4

- Buffet breakfast.

- Walk of 2 km to the harbor of the hostel and return to Rurrenabaque. The return trip takes approximately 3½ hours.

- Depending on the visitor's flight itinerary, it is possible to have an additional hike along one of our trails or take the opportunity to swim in the lake and even have lunch at the lodge.

- Arrival to Rurrenabaque and transfer to the airport for passengers who have flight back to La Paz.

Duration: 84 Hours


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