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Tiwanaku It is an archaeological site that awakens the passions of all those who visit it, from professionals who perform detailed works to the general public. It is a place of immense cultural wealth of almost 2,500 years, it is inevitable to feel the energies that transmit its monuments and monoliths because there occurred very important events. Its inhabitants left traces, left messages through their symbols, let see their artistic ability through their sculptures, their ceramics, their weavings.

The archaeological complex is located in the Bolivian altiplano. Its climate is arid-cold, which allows sudden changes of temperature throughout the day. This fluctuates between 15 and 20 ° C.

Tiwanaku Half Day - Shared


Tiwanaku Half Day - Shared

The city of Tiahuanaco was abandoned in 1100 and the Tiahuanacota people suddenly disappeared. The reasons are still unknown, although there are no shortages of all kinds of theories.


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